Dr. William Lanza Bethesda

Dr. William Lanza Highlights Safety and Overall Cleanliness for Patients During Coronavirus

Dr. William Lanza and his team of dental technicians are working overtime to insure patients have a sterilized, germ-free dental environment for their next treatment visits.

Dr. William Lanza is at the forefront of dentistry practices, using knowledge and insights gained from his interactions with the Maryland Dental Association and the American Dental Association. In his practice at The Dental Institute of Bethesda, Dr. William Lanza and his team are on top of the latest recommendations from industry groups to keep his team, his equipment and his tools sterilized and clean for patient use. 

During the coronavirus epidemic, Dr. William Lanza and his staff are using this time to utilize breakthrough sterilization and cleaning procedures on the dental tools and dental equipment found in the operatories. This sterilization procedure uses high-quality cleaning and disinfecting practices on actively used areas, and consistent anti-bacterial wipe downs of the high-touch surfaces on operatory equipment. In this manner, the dedicated team at The Dental institute of Bethesda are creating for patients the safe, sterile environment in which high-quality dental treatments can be the focus. 

Additionally, Dr. William Lanza and his team are using recommendations from the American Dental Associationand the Maryland Dental Association to create a socially distant environment for both patients and our team. Dr. William Lanza and his assistants are using face masks to limit any germ exposure during interactions and treatments with patients, and will continue to operate in this manner until it is safe to return to normal operating procedures. 

Dr. William Lanza at the Dental Institute of Bethesda and his team are ensuring that a germ-free, clean-always environment will be awaiting patients as they start to reschedule appointments for emergency and non-emergency treatments. It is within this environment that patients can receive the top-quality dental care that they’ve always expected from Dr. William Lanza and his team of dedicated technicians. 

Dr. William Lanza provides the highest standards of dental knowledge, business professionalism, surgical know-how and patient care. He and his team at the Dental Institute of Bethesda stay current dental industry advancements by using state-of-the-art tools and resources to meet the needs of dental patients. 

“My team and I want our patients to feel as comfortable as they can during their treatment and this includes removing any worries regarding germs in the office,” says Dr. William Lanza. “We’ve accomplished a lot of high-quality cleaning in recent weeks, and we are ready to move forward with patient treatments in the coming months.”

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