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Dr. William Lanza Bethesda

Dr. William Lanza Highlights Safety and Overall Cleanliness for Patients During Coronavirus

Dr. William Lanza and his team of dental technicians are working overtime to insure patients have a sterilized, germ-free dental environment for their next treatment visits. Dr. William Lanza is at the forefront of dentistry practices, using knowledge and insights gained from his interactions with the Maryland Dental Association and the American Dental Association. In […]

Dr. William Lanza

Dr. William Lanza Shares Three Effective Methods for Fighting Off Gingivitis

Esteemed dentist Dr. William Lanza helps patients fight off gingivitis with in-office procedures and at-home tips for optimal oral health. Dr. William Lanza has helped countless patients take control of their oral health over the years through sophisticated procedures in his office and professional recommendations for at-home care. Below, he helps readers understand the harmful […]

Dr. William Lanza

Dr. William Lanza Employs Digital Radiography for Superior Resolution with Less Radiation Exposure

At the Dental Institute of Bethesda, Dr. William Lanza is able address and meet patients’ varying needs by keeping up-to-date with sophisticated in-office tools, resources, and procedures. Straying from traditional X-ray machines, he employs digital radiography, which relies on ultra-fast digital imaging.    Dr. William Lanza and his associates at the Dental Institute of Bethesda […]

Dr. William Lanza

Dr. William Lanza Receives Rave Reviews from DemandForce for His Specialized Dental Care

One of Maryland’s premier dentists, Dr. William Lanza offers many specialized dental procedures from the Dental Institute of Bethesda. Because of his state-of-the-art offerings and his dedicated patient care, Dr. Lanza was praised by previous patients leaving reviews on DemandForce of his offices. For years, Dr. William Lanza has championed new dental procedures and sophisticated tools and […]

Dr. William Lanza

Dr. William Lanza and Staff Employ Scaling and Root Planing to Prevent Gum Disease

Committed to providing all patients with state-of-the-art comprehensive dentistry, Dr. William Lanza regularly attends local and national continuing education courses to update his knowledge and skills. Customizing care to each patient, he and his staff employ advanced procedures like scaling and planing to help keep teeth healthy and gum disease at bay.  Dr. William Lanza tailors […]

Dr. William Lanza Explains How PRP Therapy Can Vastly Improve Patient Recovery Post-Surgery

Dr. William Lanza of the Dental Institute is dedicated to providing patients the most thorough care in the Bethesda area through state-of-the-art procedures and exceptional staff. Here, he shares how breakthrough PRP therapy can be implemented in dental offices everywhere to expedite patient healing time following surgery. Though the Dental Institute opened in 2011, Dr. William […]

Dr. William Lanza

Dr. William Lanza Delivers Exceptional Patient Care at the Dental Institute of Bethesda, MD

In Bethesda, Dr. William Lanza has developed a reputation for state-of-the-art procedures and dedicated patient care after delivering unparalleled dentistry for years. Patients of The Dental Institute of Bethesda undergo a range available procedures knowing that they are in the some of the most capable hands in the industry Dr. William Lanza nurtured a passion for […]